“Looking forward, I see that most of my life is yet to be lived…”

My first feature! A short piece I wrote for a blog named Young and Twenty was posted earlier today. In the post I share my thoughts on what Being Young and Twenty means to me. You can check out the feature here and you can also read it below. Warm thanks to Jennifer for the opportunity, be sure to check out her blog as well!

As I write this, I only have seven weeks left as a teenager. Most of my close friends have already turned 20 this year, and the first thing I said to each of them on their birthdays was “eww you’re getting old”.

I often joke about how old 20 is and how much I don’t want to leave my teen ages behind, but at the same time as feeling old in turning 20, I’m actually reminded how young I really am. I feel old because my childhood has become a memory. Looking backwards from twenty, I have grown from this little boy, learning so much about life and myself in the process, but looking forward, I see that most of my life is yet to be lived.

I’m at the age where “real life” has started to hit me, and where time starts to fly without showing any desire to slow down but at the same time, I realise that this “real life” is only just beginning. I mean, what even are bills and responsibilities? They weren’t around two days ago and they’re definitely not welcome now. And my friends are starting families now? Where on earth did our youth go?? It’s all too much.

So what does Being Young & Twenty mean to me? It signifies a rebirth and the childhood of my real life, during which I expect to learn more than I ever have and discover who I am. Currently I’m in my first year of university, and I have so much ahead of me which scares, but also excites me. I want to spend my young-and-twenty-hood exploring as much of the world and myself as possible, but more simply, I want to continue living and growing.

Perhaps Being Young and Twenty does, will or did mean something significant to you also. If so, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Share them with me below.


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